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[Ascento Dental Line] Victor Bobocea님 문의내역입니다.
Victor Bobocea 2023-01-23

회사명 : Ascento Dental Line

성함 : Victor Bobocea

부서 : Sale

직급 : Owner

연락처 : +40799646550

이메일 : contact@ascento.ro

Dear Mr./Mrs.,

This is Victor Bobocea from Ascento Dental Line, Romania.

First of all, I hope my e-mail finds you well!

Secondly, through this email we want to inform you of the interest of a collaboration with your company.

    I would like to find out more about your products, prices and offers, because we heard many good things about your company. We are particularly interested in your products.

Our team has over seven years of experience in promoting and selling premium products like dental implants, biomaterials, equipment, instruments, sutures and much more to Romanian clinicians.

I attached the link to our company s website, if you want to know more about us: https://ascento.ro/

    Wish you the best and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Best regards,