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[Al SHaraa] Dr. Muratdha님 문의내역입니다.
Dr. Muratdha 2022-06-15

회사명 : Al SHaraa

성함 : Dr. Muratdha

부서 : dental

직급 : CEO

연락처 : 009647708002509

이메일 : Muratdha.alyaquti@alsharaa-dent.com

Dear All

I wish this email finds you well. 

I am Dr. Murtadha from Iraq, Managing director of Al Sharaa Medical devices trading ltd. , A leading reseller of dental products, Training facility and dental industry pioneer investor. 

We have been officially operating under our trademark since 2014, And we have managed to change the dental industry in the course of our business timeline with a top of the line digital dental products such as 3shape, Microlay, digital-dental, keystone, Dentona, MAXX robotics, among other 12 different brands, with a vast base of happy clients being served via our 3 offices located in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra. 

We are looking forward for collaborating with you regard diamond coated burs for milling machines, we just need to know more about the lifetime of your burs and cost, we need the burs for zirkonzahnn, imesicore and MAXX chairman.